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Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email as a means of delivering a personalized commercial message direct to a person's inbox.

An Email marketing campaign is generally used to enhance customer relationships, encourage customer loyalty, offer new products or incentivise a quick sale.

Stay in touch with your customers and make the most of your email database by creating regular email marketing campaigns.

Many businesses realise the potential of using e-mail as a method of keeping in contact with your customer base in order to encourage repeat business. Of course, this has been abused by many businesses, but the merits of solid opt-in email newsletter campaigns are there for all to see. Effectively implemented, Email or database marketing, as it is sometimes referred, has the potential to boost your websites traffic significantly in a short time period.

Email marketing is perhaps the most cost effective means of creating an efficient, targeted and personalized marketing campaign to your customer database and has been proven to be an excellent means of maintaining and developing client relationships and future prospects.

Here are some of the issues to consider when launching a email mailshot to your customer database:

Targeting and Segmentation

Sending the right content to the right people is critical in creating a successful email marketing campaign.

Email Template Design

Create an interesting and eye catching email template which works across multiple devices and platforms.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

Track open rates, bounce rates and all campaign statistics and use the data to improve the next campaign.

Email Distribution Techniques

Use the latest email delivery platforms and techniques to ensure that your message is delivered to your customers.

What we do
Digital Marketing
SEO / Natural Search Marketing
SEO / Natural Search Marketing

Optimise your website and improve your search engine ranking to generate traffic to your website.

PPC Paid search marketing for hotels
PPC / Paid Search Marketing

Create and paid online marketing campaigns to generate search traffic for your website.

SMM / social media marketing for hotels
SMM / Social Media Marketing

Engage your existing or potential new customers through all the social media channels.

CM / Content marketing for hotels
CM / Content Marketing

Create content and Engage your followers and subscribers to generate traffic for your website.

EDM / Email Direct Marketing
EDM / Email Direct Marketing

Engage your existing customer database with engaging content distributed via email direct marketing.

Tailored Solutions

Every customer is different for us: we do not offer you a “pre-cooked” solution, but a solution tailored to your case.

Real Results

You will measure a significantly improvement in your business key indicator: Revenues, utilization and profit.

Competitive Advantage

Thanks to your new competitive advantage, you will leave behind your competitors

Industry Expertise

We excel in several industries, thanks to our consultants’ wide spread of experience and education.

Professional Team

Our consultants’ competence and industry knowledge are unbeatable.

History of Success

We have always fulfilled our commitment to the customers, with great success.

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Our structured approach is based on several years of experience in the field

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  • We work closely with you to optimise our solutions for your business.
  • We implement agreed plans and make your life easy
  • We track all the key performance indicators and always monitor the results
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