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Graphic Design & UX Design

Web Design & Web Development
Graphic and digital design are two of the most subjective topics that you will encounter when developing and running your business.

Colours and lay-out are crucial to any successful website and business presentation. Its is not what you like personally but what “wows” your potential customer which is relevant.

So let’s leave our own taste and ego behind and design your website and collaterals in a way that it generates revenue and makes you money.

A great website is not the one that you personally prefer but the one that generates bookings and affects your bottom line in a positive way.

The same goes for all your collaterals and other presentations. A fresh and unique look is essential to any successful business and we can help you achieve that.

We will present you with several design chose the right one that matches your company and its goals perfectly.

What we do
Web Design & Development
Web Design Solutions for Hotels
Web Design Solutions

Your website is your digital persona - present your business to customers in the best possible light.

Software Development Services for Hotels
Software Development

Create custom web applications to streamline your organisation with our experienced team.

Graphic design services for hotels
Graphic Design

Make your business look and feel good with our professional graphic design service.

Web applications for hotels and hostels

Check out our range of web applications for hotels and hostels.

Tailored Solutions

Every customer is different for us: we do not offer you a “pre-cooked” solution, but a solution tailored to your case.

Real Results

You will measure a significantly improvement in your business key indicator: Revenues, utilization and profit.

Competitive Advantage

Thanks to your new competitive advantage, you will leave behind your competitors

Industry Expertise

We excel in several industries, thanks to our consultants’ wide spread of experience and education.

Professional Team

Our consultants’ competence and industry knowledge are unbeatable.

History of Success

We have always fulfilled our commitment to the customers, with great success.

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How we work
Why You should Choose the Percentage Company

Our structured approach is based on several years of experience in the field

  • We use the latest updated technologies to provide unmatched service in consulting, digital technology, operations and strategy
  • We perform in depth analysis of your business in order to give you company a competitive edge
  • We design solutions and plans tailored to your goals and based on the outcomes of the detailed analysis.
  • We work closely with you to optimise our solutions for your business.
  • We implement agreed plans and make your life easy
  • We track all the key performance indicators and always monitor the results
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