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Training & Consultancy Services

At The Percentage Company we believe in having a holistic approach in providing our services to customers.

Revenue management, Sales & Marketing, Finance Management, Operations Management, we have a broad portfolio of services specific to Hotels, Resorts and Food and Beverage Operations, that we can deliver stand alone, or can be combined together, in order to create synergies and improve your business.

Why only focus at the top line, the Revenues, and totally forget the Costs optimization, when your bottom line will definitely determine your Cash Flow situation? Why focus on short term tendency and neglect medium and long term trends? Why concentrate all the efforts in selling to the market and then fall behind with internal procedures and degrade the high-end guest experience, or lose control of the assets maintenance? All questions that we can address with our professional services, thanks to our well consolidated competence and experience in the field, and the use of the most advanced and updated technologies.

We can assess your operations, and if there is a department with an operational problem that needs to be addressed, our team can address it and remove the originating cause. We can help you in tracking your performance, and suggest you which KPI put on top of your attention, according to our assessment result.

The Financial Controlling and Cost Analysis are the backbones of the company health. Revenues increase is not enough, because be able to transform higher income in higher profit is a must. Our Consulting services will support you, as you will remain il full control of the operations, but brainstorm all the obstacles that currently prevent you to achieve the maximum profitability.

Property Management System (PMS), Central Reservations System (CRS), and the Revenue Optimization/Revenue Management System (RO or RMS) platforms are tools widely used in our sector, but the key of the successful use of those is often not in the individual systems themselves, but to the integration level between them.

The Percentage Company can analyse your starting situation and consult you on which changes take in order to improve and optimize your digital efficiency.

What we do
IT & Consultancy
Network Infrastructure Design
Network Infrastructure Design

Need help setting up your IT Network? Our experienced team are here to help!

IT Support Services
IT Support Services

Outsource your IT support and IT helpdesk needs to our team of IT Professionals.

Training & Consultancy
Training & Consultancy

Need specialist IT or hotel training or consultancy? Contact out team today.

Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics

Make the most of your data and analytics by getting actionable information.

Online PR and Branding
Online PR and Branding

Build and protect your brand online with positive PR and messaging.

Tailored Solutions

Every customer is different for us: we do not offer you a “pre-cooked” solution, but a solution tailored to your case.

Real Results

You will measure a significantly improvement in your business key indicator: Revenues, utilization and profit.

Competitive Advantage

Thanks to your new competitive advantage, you will leave behind your competitors

Industry Expertise

We excel in several industries, thanks to our consultants’ wide spread of experience and education.

Professional Team

Our consultants’ competence and industry knowledge are unbeatable.

History of Success

We have always fulfilled our commitment to the customers, with great success.

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How we work
Why You should Choose the Percentage Company

Our structured approach is based on several years of experience in the field

  • We use the latest updated technologies to provide unmatched service in consulting, digital technology, operations and strategy
  • We perform in depth analysis of your business in order to give you company a competitive edge
  • We design solutions and plans tailored to your goals and based on the outcomes of the detailed analysis.
  • We work closely with you to optimise our solutions for your business.
  • We implement agreed plans and make your life easy
  • We track all the key performance indicators and always monitor the results
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