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Online Travel Agent Account Management by The Percentage Company

April 2018   |   OTA Management, Sales, Marketing
On-line travel agents account for close to 50% of the world’s hotel and travel reservations and there is no end in sight for this growing trend.

Our team will help you to make sure that your hotel, resort or hospitality business is presented in the best possible light in your OTA accounts. You are competing with thousands of other hotels and resorts and it is therefore essential that you stand out from the crowd.

Account content management, rate management, photography and property descriptions are key to your success with any on-line travel partner!
Your rates and prices have to be clear, transparent and in parity on all different channels if you want to install customer confidence.

Maintain commissions at a reasonable level to maximize your own revenues and keep a close personal relationship with your on-line travel partners.

Our expert team will guide your reservation staff to make sure you do not lose any opportunities and can maximize your RevPar (revenue per available room).

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