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April 2018   |   Revenue Management, Sales, Marketing
Revenue Management is a hotelier’s term, used to describe the process by which data analysis is used to predict online customer behaviour in order to optimise your pricing strategy and therefore return on investment.

Smaller resorts often don’t have the resource required to employ an experienced Revenue manager and therefore are left at a competitive disadvantage to the larger resorts.

Here are just some of the core benefits of choosing The Percentage Company to outsource your Revenue management and online distribution:
  • Cost savings - Benefit from years of knowledge and experience from a yield specialist without paying for it!
  • Increased efficiency – Our Team of experienced yield specialists have developed systems to improve efficiency and reduce stress.
  • Focus on your core objectives – Revenue Management is very time consuming and is a very specialist area. Outsource this function and focus on your strengths.
  • Competitive Advantage – Get ahead of your competition by implementing professional yield management and increasing your profitability.
  • Access to skilled knowledge and expertise – Revenue Management is more than just changing rates, professional revenue managers monitor KPI’s and implement strategic methodologies to maximise your ROI.
  • Reduced overhead – Accountants and lawyers are often outsourced, why not reduce your overheads by outsourcing your revenue management and let a specialist drive your growth.
  • Increased Revenue – Using a statistical approach to revenue decision making, our yield specialists are able to drive revenue and profits to your business.

When implemented effectively, Revenue management is a highly complex and detailed function, requiring skills in strategic pricing, online distribution, OTA (Online Travel Agent) management, IT, maths, statistics and much more….

The Percentage Company are a one-stop-shop for bespoke and customised e-commerce solutions for hotels and resorts. Business Development is in our DNA, why not contact us to see how we can improve your businesses profitability?

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