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April 2018   |   Social Media, Marketing
Just like your website, your social media accounts are your digital business card and influence your potential customers whether to book with you or the competitors.

An attractive presentation of your business and regular updates through posts and photos will keep your customer base engaged and informed and increase loyalty.

When it comes to social media posts the principle of “Quality before Quantity” should always apply as you do not want to bore your followers with irrelevant or dull posts and content. This could actually have an adverse effect and make you lose some customers rather than gaining more.

Social media posts might not lead to direct booking revenue but they keep your business “the talk of the town” and are an integral part of your overall e-commerce marketing strategy.

Posts and ads can be targeted geographically and you therefore keep full control on who sees your social media stuff. You remain in full control of the content and decide which market segments you wish to target and increase.

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